Visakha Gaharjana Rally at Visakhapatnam

by prasad

Visakha Gharjana Rally For 3 Capitals ysrcp JAC wing conducted Rally Visakhapatanam Administration Capital they Planed this rally for sevarldays before with all party’s and and all departments for sporting for Adminstration capital for this visakha Garjana lead taken by IT Minster @Gudivada Amarnath YSRCP Anakapalli in this rally Tourism minister @Rk Roja Selvamani @Rk Roja Army @Rk Robel Rana Spekar Thamineni Sitaram, Ex minister @Kodali Nani Adda @Kodali Nani @Kodali Nani Anna and other State’s YSRCP Party Leaders participated in this rally Vsakhapatnam #vizagwebnews @ysrcpofficial @ysrcponline @YSRCP Andhra Pradesh @YSRCP Vizag IT Wing @Vijitha Reddy ysrcp @YSRCP Supporters

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